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Episode 21 - Rachel Olson and Todd Youngblood on Vivero and the Reciprocity of True Community

Episode 21 - Rachel Olson and Todd Youngblood on Vivero and the Reciprocity of True Community

In this episode, Andy Wildman interviews Rachel Olson and Todd Youngblood about a recently developed funding system, based around an app developed specifically for the Earth Regenerators community. The system is called Vivero, and it’s the result of many months’ hard work by a dedicated team within ER.

The vision behind Vivero is to find a way to help resource the various and wonderful regenerative efforts of our members, and fund the costs of holding this community together, while doing it in an ultra-human and regenerative fashion. The perennial challenge of resourcing work that is so far outside the mainstream will always be difficult, but Vivero holds one of the keys for transforming our lives and unfolding our collective potential.

Together, Rachel, the visionary behind Vivero, and Todd, the tech steward who did so much to make it happen, tell the story of how it came together and what it means to them. Enjoy.

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