The Earth Regenerators online group is now closed, but many of us have chosen to stay together in a number of ways:

Thank you for your support! 🦋

On-Ground Projects

We are regenerating Earth, will you join us? While there's a tapestry of regenerative models, for us this means healing towards a functional ecosystem, local prosocial groups, creating ecoversities and land decolonization to create an abundant future.

Barichara Regeneration Fund

(Barichara, Colombia, 2020-) One of the first projects to inspire the Earth Regenerators community is the regeneration of a tropical dry forest in Barichara, Colombia. This has involved reviving a town bioparque food forest, purchasing and regenerating degraded land integral to Barichara's aquifer system, and more. Learn more at about this regenerative case study and how to get involved.

Inspired by this model of social & ecological regeneration and trying to start something? We encourage sharing your idea on the Earth Regenerators Study Group where a number of fellow humans have an open ear to listen and offer support.