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Finding Ourselves in the Age of Collapse

Finding Ourselves In the Age of Collapse offers both wisdom and practical advice gleaned from experts together with inspiring real-life stories of ordinary people from around the world.

This book is a study guide for anyone who recognizes that all is not well on Planet Earth and wonders what one person can do. If you ever feel alone, afraid to speak out to colleagues, friends, or loved ones who don’t seem to see or feel how you do about what’s happening in the world, this book is for you.

Finding Ourselves in the Age of Collapse provides a place to turn for understanding and ideas for cultivating resilience in this time of unprecedented change.

About the Author

Rachel K. Olson, BAABS, MDiv, is a former ordained ­minister, clinical chaplain, and an active member of Earth Regenerators. She is on a transformative journey, becoming increasingly awake and aware of the devastating effects of humanity’s long evolutionary adolescence. Her ­mission is to hold herself together, one day at a time, and then respond to what is happening in the world with as much wisdom, compassion, and honesty as she can.