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We are fellow humans initiating, struggling, and learning to live more regenerative lives - from 'composting our shit' to coordinating whole-system regeneration efforts. You too? Read on to see our latest learning journeys, teach-ins, social support events and newsletter:

What's happening

Living in The Design Pathway
2-month Learning Journey
Starts June 18 2022
Deep-dive book study for 'The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth' hosted by Pamela Woodland & more
Book Study
From Apr 2 to Jun 25 2022
Bioregional Catalysts with Benji Ross
Cohort Forming
Forming Now

Recent and upcoming events:
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Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen: Our ancestors were all indigenous; Education for bioregional design
The Design Pathway Deep-Dive
May 21
2:00:00 PM UTC
Bioregional Catalysts
May 21
3:00:00 PM UTC
Osa Interface meeting
Bioregional Catalysts
May 24
5:00:00 PM UTC
Water Education
Carrying the Conversation
May 24
10:00:00 PM UTC
Regenerative Project Incubator (Tuesday)
Regenerative Project Incubator
May 25
12:00:00 AM UTC
Bioregional Catalysts
May 26
11:00:00 PM UTC
Update & Exploratory Session
Bioregional Catalysts
May 27
5:00:00 PM UTC

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🏕🔥 Campfire Talks,
🥚🐣 Project Incubator

Progress on the Earth Regenerators Fund

:: November 19, 2021

The ability for Earth Regenerators to empower collective actions is very real and it is growing every day...

In late March of 2020 as the global pandemic was sweeping the globe, a webinar was hosted here in this community called Creating the Earth Regeneration Fund. It was attended by a few hundred people. Conversations began about how to make it real. Then a prosocial process was initiated to cultivate the capacities for decentralized leadership that would be needed in order for it to work.

Now it is November of 2021. We have more than 3,000 members on Earth Regenerators. A book was collaboratively published to show how regeneration of the planet could be done. Learning journeys began -- the next one on how to live into this design pathway will begin in late December. You can register for it here and spread the word to your friends.

Every step of the way, we have taken care to embody regenerative principles. Members of this community participate in a gift economy. We ask for donations to support either the Barichara Regeneration Project or the Earth Regenerators Community Fund. The resources we pool together are always used in service to real-world  actions.

And now we are adding the ability to receive crypto currencies -- links below to gift Regen Tokens, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. The SEEDS Project is an ally and a group exists here for weaving across networks....(Read full post)