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Episode 15 - Mike Gilliland on the Smart Village, Portal DAO and Mental Toughness

Episode 15 - Mike Gilliland on the Smart Village, Portal DAO and Mental Toughness

In this episode, Jakob Seidler is talking with Mike Gilliland, co-host of the Future Thinkers Podcast. 1,5 years ago, Mike and his partner Euvie Ivanova have started the Smart Village, a future home for regenerative living integrating the various things they learned from their podcast guests. Mike has also been working on launching Portal DAO, which is supposed to aid in connecting various regenerative projects around the world to create a broader sense of support in community. We explore the various design principle decisions they have made when starting the project, the challenges they have had to overcome during these early times, and advice for people trying to do something similar. Enjoy!‌

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