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When it drew a nursery...

When it drew a nursery...
Sahara desert ecosystem restoration started with Earth Regenerators and Vivero.

November 2022 Newsletter

(email test #3, with images & upfront unsubscribe test) It was in the highlands of Scotland where it spoke. I came here after a string of failed relationships, a fatigue from being a female reverend, and reaching a point of letting go of the livelihoods I once thought were down a 'right' path and only leaving me more lost. spoke, and I listened - it being a 1000 year old tree, telling me to defocus from just the tree itself, but the web of relationships it has to the forest it's in, the fungi around it, and neighboring trees it quietly nurtures.  

Long story short, this moment led me to rethink the struggles I've had as a Reverend running endowments and fundraisers. Somewhere after this moment, I listened to the networks, expressed a tiny dream of a more beautiful world, and have been in a wave of excitement and grounding I hadn't felt in 50 years. I'd like to invite you to Vivero, which is spanish for nursery, and a new platform for coordinating the regenerative work our world needs - will you help us weave this web?

-Awesome Person

Recently on Earth Regenerators.

  • Introducing Vivero. A year ago the Earth Regenerators Fund started and went through a journey of fundraising, distributing funds. You can learn more and support us here.
  • Governance Journey! For over three months a small group has been talking about how to bring the whole ER community to help figure out how we govern ourselves, and we're having our first call on December 3rd & 4th.
  • Mighty Networks (the software powering just had a big update, to help anyone we have a post guiding through the changes.

Upcoming Events. (more @

  • Book Club is currently reading excerpts from Braiding Sweetgrass & Becoming Wild, next call is Monday.
  • The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth Deep Dive continues reading the book by Joe Brewer, next call is Tuesday.
  • Project Incubator continue to have weekly calls to help those with regenerative projects, you can check out the next call on Tuesday, and even sign up to present.
  • Right Livelihood is a weekly group to listen to individual stories and find council to


  • Clare Attwell,  is currently looking for a place in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island to focus on her bioregional catalyst efforts through community art.
  • Kathleen Martsch, who co-stewards the Trust and Prosperity Explorers and made nearly 100 harvest posts in ER, is seeking support in moving and focusing on building a syntropic enterprise. You can see her recent project incubator council session here, and learn more here.
  • New member Jake Hubley is currently doing research on active change-agents and seeking anyone willing to have a 15-minute call.
  • New member Rachel Butler is looking for like-minded folks east of London to start a meetup group
  • Loes van Mierlo is looking for beta testers for a regenerative coaching project.

Thanks for reading! Earth Regenerators is a study group that's grown into a vibrant community hosted by people like you, and made freely available thanks to our patrons. You can support us and on-ground projects on Vivero.

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