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What's happening

Finding the Livelihood that's Right for You hosted by Jonathan Cloud
Conversation Series
Ongoing Series
Regenerative Project Incubator - Helping each other succeed with advisory circles, teach-ins, design sessions, and office hours.
Weekly Call
Open to Signups
Bioregional Catalysts - Mapping & Becoming our 'Story of Place' with Benji Ross
Conversation Series
Ongoing Series
Culture Centre - An offering of emergent creativity & culture
Biweekly Group
Ongoing Series

Recent and upcoming events:
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Culture Centre GroupFeb 7
4:30:00 PM UTC
Braiding Sweetgrass: Selected ChaptersFeb 7
11:00:00 PM UTC
Regenerative Project Incubator (Tuesday)Feb 8
1:00:00 AM UTC
Finding a Right Livelihood in the Midst of CollapseFeb 8
1:00:00 PM UTC
Campfire Talk - Keeping the Fire Burning for the Great Lakes Basin 5/6Feb 8
5:00:00 PM UTC
ReGenerOsa SandboxFeb 8
9:15:00 PM UTC
Regenerating Bioregions: Co-Designing Our Future TogetherFeb 9
9:00:00 PM UTC
CampfireFeb 10
12:00:00 AM UTC
Update & Exploratory SessionFeb 10
6:00:00 PM UTC
Groundwork for Governance JamFeb 11
12:00:00 AM UTC
Campfire Talk - Keeping the Fire Burning for the Great Lakes Basin 6/6Feb 11
5:00:00 PM UTC
Sunday CampfireFeb 12
4:00:00 PM UTC

Core Groups -
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πŸŒοΈβ™»οΈ Earth Regenerators Fund,
Regional -
REGEN-Nations (Oceania & Asia),
ER Portugal,
ER Britain & Ireland