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What's happening

Living in The Design Pathway
2-month Learning Journey
Starts June 18 2022
Deep-dive book study for 'The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth' hosted by Pamela Woodland & more
Book Study
From Apr 2 to Jun 25 2022
Bioregional Catalysts with Benji Ross
Cohort Forming
Forming Now

Recent and upcoming events:
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Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen: Our ancestors were all indigenous; Education for bioregional design
The Design Pathway Deep-Dive
May 21
2:00:00 PM UTC
Bioregional Catalysts
May 21
3:00:00 PM UTC
Osa Interface meeting
Bioregional Catalysts
May 24
5:00:00 PM UTC
Water Education
Carrying the Conversation
May 24
10:00:00 PM UTC
Regenerative Project Incubator (Tuesday)
Regenerative Project Incubator
May 25
12:00:00 AM UTC
Bioregional Catalysts
May 26
11:00:00 PM UTC
Update & Exploratory Session
Bioregional Catalysts
May 27
5:00:00 PM UTC

Weekly -
📚🌠 Book Club (and beyond),
🏕🔥 Campfire Talks,
🥚🐣 Project Incubator