We Can Regenerate Earth

In these times of immense planetary change, there are those who step up to serve the living systems of Earth. This space is a dance of on-ground projects and a study group with over 4000 members navigating difficult questions and transformation.

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Hosted by people like you and Joe Brewer, author of The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth. This book presents a sober-yet-plausible way to restore planetary health while safeguarding the future of humanity, offering genuine hope not found in the shallow optimism of techno-fixes or consumer choices.

To support you on this journey, the Earth Regenerators Study Group participates in learning journeys, teach-ins, and social support on topics of human behavior, cultural evolution, and healing the dynamic Earth. Here's what's happening as we walk a path for the rest of this century and beyond:

What's happening

Finding the Livelihood that's Right for You hosted by Jonathan Cloud
Conversation Series
Ongoing Series
Regenerative Project Incubator - Helping each other succeed with advisory circles, teach-ins, design sessions, and office hours.
Weekly Call
Open to Signups
Bioregional Catalysts - Mapping & Becoming our 'Story of Place' with Benji Ross
Conversation Series
Ongoing Series
Culture Centre - An offering of emergent creativity & culture
Biweekly Group
Ongoing Series

Recent and upcoming events:
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Culture Centre GroupFeb 7
4:30:00 PM UTC
Braiding Sweetgrass: Selected ChaptersFeb 7
11:00:00 PM UTC
Regenerative Project Incubator (Tuesday)Feb 8
1:00:00 AM UTC
Finding a Right Livelihood in the Midst of CollapseFeb 8
1:00:00 PM UTC
Campfire Talk - Keeping the Fire Burning for the Great Lakes Basin 5/6Feb 8
5:00:00 PM UTC
ReGenerOsa SandboxFeb 8
9:15:00 PM UTC
Regenerating Bioregions: Co-Designing Our Future TogetherFeb 9
9:00:00 PM UTC
CampfireFeb 10
12:00:00 AM UTC
Update & Exploratory SessionFeb 10
6:00:00 PM UTC
Groundwork for Governance JamFeb 11
12:00:00 AM UTC
Campfire Talk - Keeping the Fire Burning for the Great Lakes Basin 6/6Feb 11
5:00:00 PM UTC
Sunday CampfireFeb 12
4:00:00 PM UTC

Core Groups -
πŸ₯šπŸ£ Project Incubator

πŸ—ΎπŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Bioregional Catalysts,
πŸŒοΈβ™»οΈ Earth Regenerators Fund,
Regional -
REGEN-Nations (Oceania & Asia),
ER Portugal,
ER Britain & Ireland

Because nobody wants to just sit on zoom calls, what started as a study group has quickly grown into a vibrant community where members have found the others for prosocial conversation and bioregional collaboration. It is freely available and open to all who share this vision for the future of humanity.