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The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth

This book offers genuine hope. There truly is a ­pathway to regenerate the Earth. It is not to be found in the shallow optimism of techno-fixes or consumer choices. Nothing short of a spiritual revival of indigenous lifeways will do. Combined with the best scientific knowledge about human behavior, cultural evolution, and the dynamic Earth; a path can be made by walking it throughout the rest of this century and beyond.

How? We design by embracing the fundamental insight that all living systems self-organize around the patterns of regeneration. Applied to the scale of entire landscapes, this reveals how all truly sustainable human cultures throughout history were organized at the territorial scale as bioregional economies. A planet-wide network of learning ecosystems is needed that can hold the complexity of birthing these regenerative bioregions during and after the rest of the collapse that we were all born into.

About the Author

Joe Brewer is a complexity researcher and transdisciplinary scholar who has devoted his life to helping humanity through the sustainability bottleneck. He weaves insights from the scientific study of cultural evolution, human cognition, and earth system science into frameworks for action. Prior affiliations in­clude the International Centre for Earth Simulation, the Center for Complex Systems Research at the Uni­versity of Illinois, the ­Cultural Evolution Society, the Rockridge Institute, and the Evolution Institute.

Even before publication, this book has ignited a movement that is thousands strong in the Earth Regenerators Study Group —gathering those who seek to regenerate the Earth to look deep into the abyss of planetary collapse and discover the ­liberating gifts that can be found there.

Cover Art for The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth

Earth Dance by Clare Atwell, 2018

Earth Dance carries a dynamic energy that takes your senses and soul on a journey, and was graciously given for use as the cover of The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth and design elements of For more of Clare's work, take a look at her website Changing the World Through Art and you will see that she thrives when creating together as part of a community -- while focusing on topics larger than herself. Learn more about the backstory of Earth Dance in this interview with Clare Atwell and Joe Brewer: